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Intuitive Services
Audrey Luella Seidl, B.Msc.
Audrey is a natural born empathic medium and collective channel. It is her mission as a minister, spiritual counselor, teacher, holistic healing therapist and channel for spirit to assist individuals in understanding and embracing current life circumstances so that they may work with it as a catalyst for healing, enlightenment and moving forward with their personal growth.
60 minute session ~ Suggested Donation $75.00

Judith E. Seidl
Intuitive Wisdom of the Goddess
Self-Empowerment Guidance
An intuitive reading with the use of Goddess Wisdom Cards to empower and assist one with discovering their possibilities & potential for "new beginnings," life changes, and /or new direction.
At the end of a reading Judith creates a personal power symbol in the form of a sigil to assist you on your process of self-empowerment. Modern users of traditional sigils often create them entirely themselves and devise individual means of "charging" them with metaphysical power. The word of intent she is given is reduced into an abstract design; the sigil is then charged with a Blessing.
$75/60 minute session

Cancellation Policy
Please give 24 hours notice for one appointment, 48 hours for multiple appointments of any cancellation. A service charge of 50% of the appointment(s) total will be charged with less time than our policy notice.