Heart of the Dove - Company Message
 The Heart of the Dove Healing Well
Hand made by Rev. Audrey Seidl, B.Msc.

Prayers, Blessings, Healing Requests 
A Wish in the Well
*Send your request using the form provided at the bottom of this page*
Rev. Seidl will be charging a crystal with your prayer, blessing, healing request or wish, doing a sacred ritual and then placing the crystal into the well for manifestation. 
It has been proven that Mass Prayer is an extremely powerful means of  manifesting intent into fruition.  Please specify if you would prefer your request be posted for others to view and help manifest or if you would prefer your request be kept confidential and placed in the Healing Well for manifestation. 
Our Healing Well
The base of the well is made of Copper which is a power conductor of energy and it is filled with sacred Tibetan Crystals as well as Holy Water.  The Healing Tree was made with Andean Opal crystals and other powerful manifesting crystals then charged with the energetics of Pure Love from Divine Source. 
All requests must be for the highest good and from the Heart.
For this we give thanks! So mote it be............

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Heart of the Dove donations and suggested donations go towards maintaining the Church so that we may continue to provide our spiritual services for those in need and to provide rental space for our affiliate practitioners to offer their wonderful healing services and spiritual classes to the community.