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Reflexology Treatments

Rev. Audrey Seidl, B.MSC., Certified Reflexologist
This amazing healing modality dates back to ancient history when pressure therapies where recognized as preventive therapeutic medicine.
Reflexology is not a foot massage.  It is a specific pressure therapy.  It is based on the premise that relex zones and points on the feet and hands correspond with all organs, glands and other body parts. A Reflexologists' aim is to treat the body as a whole.
Reflexology works through the central nervous system, endocrine system and energy meridians to promote a natural balance and harmony between the body systems.  It also aids in relaxation to relieve stress and tension which promotes healing on all levels.
footbathPressure is applied to the reflex areas using specific thumb and finger techniques, releasing blockages, increasing oxygen and blood flow, thus stimulating the body's own healing potential.
This form of therapy is useful for treating ill health, assisting with detoxification, and effective in maintaining good health and preventing illness.
How much do your feet do for you and how much do you do for your feet in return?  Reflexology sessions are not only relaxing but extremely nurturing.  It is a wonderful way to treat your feet to some much needed TLC....................
60 minute session $75:00
Reflexology & IonCleanse
2 hr session ~ $95.00 
Series of three ~ $285.00 
Mini Facial by Toujours Belle "Forever Beautiful Skin Care"
Foot Reflexology (includes a refreshing footbath)
90 minute session ~ $100.00
Sessions by appointment

Cancellation Policy
Please give 24 hours notice for one appointment, 48 hours for multiple appointments of any cancellation. A service charge of 50% of the appointment(s) total will be charged with less time than our policy notice.