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Mediumship and Channeling

Mediums bridge the gap between you and your loved ones.  They are always around us, loving us, guiding us and wanting us to know this.  Connecting with them brings peace of mind knowing this to be true.  A mediumship session is a wonderful way to move through the grief process and find peace in knowing your loved ones are okay.  

Channeling is similar to mediumship in the sense that there is a connection with energies outside of the physical plane.  The difference is that a channel or conduit for spirit uses similar abilities but focus on connecting with angelic, celestial and spirit guides.  Our channeling sessions will bring through information to help guide you with your choices for current situations and/or your life path.  We pride ourselves on connecting with energies of love from the higher light and provide information that is for the highest and best of our clients.  


Mediumship and Channeling sessions are sometimes combined depending on client's needs!

Sessions are generally an hour but may go longer depending on clients needs.

Please see our disclaimer!

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