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Animal Services

Holistic Modalities, Animal Communications, Blended Services

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Animal Communication
Holistic Modalities

Your Place or Mine

Animal communication sessions can be very helpful in pinpointing areas of concern.  Animals and owners have a strong connection and sometimes take on our issues or there may be something bothering your companion that you cannot find an answer for.  Asking them, "How can I help you!" opens the door to a whole new level of healing for them. 


I can help you discern what is going on whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally to help you both.  I have been working with animals my entire life. They have taught me so much about love, life and our ability to heal.

I am not a veterinarian or doctor but can give you information that may help your professional healthcare provider by giving you information that I receive from your companion animal

When I work with animals, I love combining the information that I get with holistic modalities to help them with the healing process from a holistic point of view and base my sessions on the individual needs of my clients. 


Reiki, Resonance, BioEnergetic 
Support for Healing

Animals love energy-based modalities and I blend them all depending on the needs of the animal. Check out my other pages for Reiki and Wellness with Bioenergetics.  I also offer IonCleanse detoxification for animals as well. 


Pet & Peeps Session

Come relax and have an IonCleanse while I work with your pet. They feel good, you feel good and


Session prices vary on services. Contact me for more details so we can come up with a plan that works for you and beloved companion.

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