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Join our loving community and come explore with us! ​

Heart of the Dove Healing Emissary of Peace and Harmony was lovingly inspired by Spirit and founded by Reverend Audrey L. Seidl, B.Msc.  

We are a Non-Denominational Congregation.  Our emissary is based on the principles and teachings of Divine Metaphysics.  We lovingly welcome and embrace all religious beliefs aligned with spirituality.  It was our dream and now our mission to provide a sacred space for our community to assist with healing and enlightenment through spiritual exploration! We believe in the concept of mind-body-soul connection and offer services to help individuals heal on all levels.  The mind-body-soul connection is a profound concept that recognizes the intricate interplay between our mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.  The cost of holistic services offered at Heart of the Dove are by suggested donation and go toward emissary expenses as well allowing us to provide services to those in need that could not otherwise afford them.


Principles of Metaphysical 


Metaphysics acknowledges and respects the beauty in ALL of God’s Creation.

Metaphysics is a religion. 

Metaphysics does not explore religious beliefs and laws created by man, but rather, it explores the immutable laws of nature, set by The Creator, God/Universal Presence, in the creation of the Universe.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality, and experience without being bound to any one theological doctrine or dogma.

Metaphysics includes all religions but transcends them all.

Metaphysics is the study of ultimate cause in the Universe.

Metaphysics is the only science capable of inquiring beyond physical and human science.


"Universal Intelligence, being the Creator of all things, thus lives and

exists in all things, which can be thought of as the existence of an Ultimate Unity.

Unity symbolizes love, and love is the spirit of Universal Intelligence, or God."

~Dr. Paul Leon Masters

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